For stress relief – Energy series;
For visual health – Visual series;
For cancer prevention – Cancer series;
For heart health – Cardio series

Ginseng Extract
Vitamin B-Complex
Kava Kava 30%kavalactone
Valerium 0.8% valeric acid
GF (groth factor)
Epimedium P.E 5%
Lutein 5%
Bilberry(25% anthocyanidine)
OPC grape seed extract
FSA-b-3 Lycium Chinese Mill
PE.polysaccharide 150%
Shark Cartilage Powder Extract
Selenium Yeast
Soy Isoflavone
OPC grape seed
Green tea
Ganoderma Lucidum
Agaricus blazei Murill
Water soluble pearl powder
Royal Jelly
Red Yeast Extract
Soy Isoflavone
Coenzyme Q-10
Red Wine Polyphenol
Green Tea Extract
Grape Seed Extract 95% OPC
Pine bark P.E.
Garlic Extract
Hawthom Extract
Flaxseed Oil (Omega-3) 50% ALA
Ginkgo biloba 24%

For anti ageing – Antioxidant series;

For join, bone & muscle health – Join Health series

Acerola PE 25%
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Lycoptene 5%
Bilberry Extract (25% anthocyanidin)
Grape Seed Extract (95%)
Green Tea Extract 50%,98%
Grape fruit PE 40:1
Grape skin extract PE30%
Pine Bark extract
Ginkgo Biloba extract (>24%,flavoglycoside)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Water soluble lycopene
EPAX 3000 TG
Wheat Grass Powder
EPAX 0525 TG
EPAX 6000 EE
Chondroitin Sulfate
EPAX 6000 TG
Calcium Citrate
Glucosamine sulfate
Chitosan(95% deacetylation)
Chondroitin Sulfate
GF (groth factor)      
Gamma-Linoleic Acid
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
Bovine Cartilage
New Zealand shark cartilage powder
Glucosamine HCL
Pearl Calcium Powder Water Soluble
Japanese Seatone

Introduction for female & beauty series;
For natural hormone supplements series;
and weight control formulas

Black Cohosh
Wild Yam Extract Powder
Cranberry juice conc
Red Clover PE 8% Isoflavone
Alpha-Lipoic Acid
OPC grape seed OPC
Aloe Vera Leaf Powder
Chondroitin Sulphate(Food Grade)
Octacosanol Powder3%
Rose Hips Powder
Pearl Calcium Powder Water Soluble
Oligo Chitosan
Aloe Vera Extract 3%
Citrue Biofavonoid
Rose Oil
Red Clover 8% Isoflavone
Soy Isoflavone
GF (groth factor)
White kidney bean
Gvmnrma Svivestre powder
Apple pectin
Inulin Koniac
Green tea
Garcinia cambogia(HCA)
Broage oil
Evening primrose oil
Hawthorn berries powder
Damdeiion freshiuice P.E
Bromeiain、Papain L.complete
Psvllium husk fiber
Oat fiber
Beer fiber
Apple fiber
Brewers yeast
Orange peel fiber
Choline Bitartrate
Chromium Picolinate
Chromium Yeast
Bitter gourd
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The Company devotes the mind to the following areas of the product research and development and the production

Healthy Food:

Development, formulation and manufacture of, and training on, health and functional foods

◎Formulation and Dosage forms: powder, tablet, soft capsule, hard capsule, granule, microcapsule

◎Production and packaging in great, medium and small batches: spray dry, frozen dry; aluminum film packaging, liquid filling packaging, double layer packaging, PTP packaging; film coating, sugar coating, heat shrink packaging

◎Raw materials to be nanotechnology processed or micron technology processed

◎Assistance on applications for health food manufacture and import permits

◎Investigation, and training courses, on functional products and their raw material search and development

◎Contract manufacturing factory set up, single step or multiple steps

Cosmetic (skin care products) formulation, development and manufacturing & training:

◎Salon, open shelf or exclusive counter series products include: cleansing, essences for day or night, sunscreen, eye cream, face masque, functional products, products for normal, dry or oily skin, anti acne, whitening, skin renewal, de-wrinkle, anti spots, products

Manufacturing and/or filling products for a single item or a whole series in great, medium or small batches.

Raw materials to be nanotechnology or micron technology processed

◎Concentrated whole series cosmetic products exclusive for export

Assistance on application for functional skin care products manufacture and import and advertisement permits

Investigation, and training courses, on functional products and their raw material search and development◎Contract manufacturing factory set up, single step or multiple steps
Other Products:

Other Bio and Specialty Products and Specialty Services
Tooth paste, face cleansing cream, shower gel, shampoo, massage lotion, soap, hair styling products, baby products

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